Diatomaceous Earth: Managing Your Crops With Natural Earth Friendly Pesticides

Diatomaceous earth, also known as “Kieselguhr” is made from organic residues of tiny, marine organisms called diatoms. It exists in earthy beds that look like chalk but are generally lighter than chalk and don’t effervesce in acid. DE is commonly used in industrial filtration processes involving production of beverages, oils, antibiotics, solvents, among others. It is also used as an extender in tile, brick, paint, paper, plastic, detergent and many other products. It is a better insulator than magnesia or asbestos since it can withstand temperatures as high as 525 degrees C, and is used in insulation of boilers and blast furnaces. The latest commercial use is as a gentle abrasive in toothpastes and metal polishes.

Diatom deposits were first discovered in northern Santa Barbara County California, in the US with beds as thick as 300metres deep, ranging from soft earth to hard rock. Other deposits were later found in Washington, Oregon, Algeria and Nevada. For increased production, France, Russia and Denmark have constructed well developed DE industries which keep improving in technology to employ more modification and use.

Products Containing Diatomaceous Earth

They include pesticides, in powder and pressurized liquid states, skin and hair care products, water filters, some foods and beverages, rubbers, some medicines, paints, toothpastes, among others. Some of these products have been manufactured with chemicals that are poisonous to humans and even animals when ingested.

Food-grade diatomaceous earth: this is a milder, more refined form of DE that is safe for human consumption, highly absorbable and is almost completely made of silica which is a crucial mineral for overall inward and outward body enhancement. This makes it one of the cheapest multifunctional health products on sale today.

Purchase: it can easily and cheaply be found online on their official website at https://www.diatomaceousearth.com/2lbs-food-grade-diatomaceous-earth/ or purchased from Amazon.

How Is I Taken?

DE is a remarkable nutritional supplement that not only increases your metabolism but also helps promote healthier joints, bones, hair and skin. For a beginner, it is advised to take one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth mixed with at least 12ounces of fluid as you increase the dosage gradually. It is taken on an empty stomach in order to achieve maximum results.

When ingested with water, it has a slight chalk-like tang and a coarse feel. For people who might not like this experience, you can combine it with a flavored drink like a beverage, milk, a smoothie, natural juice or some light foods like applesauce, yoghurt, among others.

When the body starts feeling the DE-effect, one may undergo some gentle flu-like symptoms for some time as a result of the increased detoxification in the body. To counter these symptoms, you should increase your fluid intake and at the same time reduce your DE dosage for a few days until it normalizes.

Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

DE has been of use in many different sectors, and has been used widely in agricultural products, cosmetic applicators, boiler and blast furnace insulation, among others. In the human body, it poses some crucial advantages, both internally and externally.

It is a natural source for silica: normally, the body gets its silica supply from the foods we eat. This has depleted over the years because the soil has been deprived of its nutrients and thus we only receive 1/3 of the silica mineral that we need. Since DE has an 85% composition of silica, it covers for the little supply and enhances performance in different body organs including the lungs, heart, liver and other vital processes in blood vessels, cartilage, bones and tendons.

Improves Overall Outward Appearance

This is achieved by improving all our outward body organs including the hair, nails, teeth and skin

Hair: silica is used in most hair supplements and can be used to counteract hair loss. Instead of buying these over-priced supplements, you can use a cheaper, more effective product in DE.

Nails: the silica in DE helps to make brittle nails stronger

Teeth: its largest compound-silica is used in toothpastes and teeth-polishing compounds. You can experience its maximum potential by adding DE to your toothpaste or better yet, using it as your own natural toothpaste.

Skin: silica aids in increased production of collagen which is essential in formation of sebum which moisturizes and brightens the skin. Silica in itself makes the skin smoother and healthier. Instead of using its traces in cosmetic products you can use it directly by mixing DE in home-made soap or together with natural oils in your bubble bath for exfoliation, mixing it with essential oils to make a skin cleansing scrub or mask to clear your pores, or alternatively mix it in your daily skin care products to improve them.

Promotes Internal Health As A Whole

This applies in a wide scope as broken down below

Improved metabolism: Increased production of collagen as a result of silica improves digestion rate, allowing the body to take in maximum amount of nutrients and get rid of unwanted waste products quite faster. Its intake, in collaboration with healthy dieting and regular exercise, can help control your weight.

Cholesterol control: rapid flushing out of unnecessary weight includes this harmful cholesterol and fat deposits, thus taking care of heart health and outlining a perfect body form.

Promoting joint health: collagen strengthens the cartilage that supports joint movement, thus reducing joint pain gradually with regular DE administration.

Diatomaceous Earth As A Natural Pesticide

inside the body, it gets rid of any parasites or bacteria in the digestive tract by dehydrating them. To avoid re-occurrence, you can undergo a full-body steaming session to kill the eggs and then apply DE to fight off those already hatched to prevent them from laying any more eggs. In the outside environment, it also kills off exoskeleton parasites like fleas, bedbugs, ants and also roaches. It is safe for use around your home like on the carpet, on pets and so on. Some bugs may be resistant to the chemical pesticides we use but this they can easily ingest and it dries them out to death.


As with any other supplements, diatomaceous earth should be consumed alongside a healthy diet and sufficient fluid consumption. Why spend your hard-earned cash on different expensive chemical products that will cause you harm, when you can simply invest in this natural, cheap, multifunctional ingredient to maintain your health?

Still have any doubts or questions? You can learn more about this powerful diatom by visiting diatomaceous.org